Osteopathy CS2 - Craniosacral Therapy / J.Upledger method


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About us

IKTA is an integrative training center for everyone who understands people as a whole and indivisible system. IKTA offers various internationally recognized holistic training programs conducted by both foreign and Lithuanian lecturers: study of body psychotherapy, osteopathy, training in craniosacral and visceral therapy.

Our courses mostly run in German or English – with translation into Lithuanian – therefore suitable for English-only speaking audiences.

IKTA is an official partner in Lithuania for Upledger and Barral  Institute courses: if you wish to start, continue or complement your curriculum with us, please join!

We also offer therapy in our clinic – both individually and in groups, in German/English languages. If you have doubts or questions, – we can answer also in Spanish or Russian, – lets talk!